Climb to Your Peak Performance

Guest blog by Mike Lloyd, Manager, Harrogate Climbing Centre

Indoor climbing and bouldering is really appealing if you’re looking for a mental as well as a physical challenge. As in business, challenging yourself to use your wits and abilities to attain a goal, overcome your fears and develop your skills is the key to successful climbing – and this can only be achieved through teamwork and cooperation.

Climbing walls used to be dark, cold and cliquey places but they have transformed over the last ten years and offer the standards you would expect from your favourite health clubs. With specialist training and coaching available from the best centres, there are many key areas which transfer well into your professional life while fulfilling leisure and social needs to keep your life in balance:


Unlike running on a treadmill, with your iPod blocking out the rest of the world, climbing requires interaction, promotes a great social atmosphere and a deep trust of your climbing partners who are keeping you safe on the ropes. Modern climbing centres are a social hub full of like minded people from all walks of life. At Harrogate Climbing Centre, there are surgeons, councillors, doctors, lawyers and many other professionals enjoying the facilities; re-enforcing the reasons that climbing is so beneficial to daily business and work performance.


Many climbers say that the focus required to stay on the wall, challenging themselves to tackle harder and harder routes completely blocks out the stresses of the day; allowing them to fully unwind.

Problem Solving

As well as the physical challenge, climbs are also designed to test your problem solving ability; there is often more than a single solution.


A healthy mind is fuelled by a healthy body, making fitness an important part of your work/life balance. Burning around 800 calories per hour, and developing anaerobic capacity, climbing is a great fitness tool, but doesn’t feel like ‘exercise’ – what more could you ask!

So how do you try climbing, and see it improve your work & social life? You can start at your local climbing centre (you will be surprised how many there are) and check out the options open to you. Most will offer a taster session with a climbing instructor allowing you to see what it’s all about in a safe environment and offering some great tips & advice!

Harrogate Climbing Centre is part of the Climbing Centre Group which also includes the Manchester and Reading Climbing Centres. Owned by famous Yorkshire climber John Dunne, each centre is a modern facility providing climbing & bouldering facilities and professional tuition to diverse customer groups. The Harrogate centre boasts over 180 regularly changed climbs as well as fifty boulder problems and separate training facilities.  Check out the courses on offer, from taster sessions to corporate events.  You can follow Harrogate Climbing Centre on Twitter @HarrogateClimb.

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