Executive Coach Part 6 Exit Planning – the business strategist’s tips on evaluating your business

As a business strategist offering executive coaching, exiting the business is possibly the most important financial – and emotional – event in a business owner’s life.

My role, as a non-executive director, business strategist or executive coaching specialist, in the lead up to – and after – this momentous milestone is to coach and mentor business owners to develop and execute the right business strategy to help them to overcome the myriad obstacles and hurdles involved in such a challenging, fascinating – and rewarding assignment.

I work with Chief Executives and business owners as a non-executive director, business strategist offering executive coaching skills to address key issues such as:

  • The exit process (it’s not an event).
  • Setting the Exit Goals – this includes ensuring the business is no longer dependent upon you and looking at it from a non-exec director perspective.
  • Are you ready to leave? – how to prepare for the mental challenge of exit.
  • What type of exiting owner are you, active director, non-executive director etc.?
  • What are your options? – who will buy, why – and for how much?
  • The help you’ll need and at what price – getting the best professional advisers on board.
  • Exiting and protecting your wealth – avoiding the common pitfalls.
  • Life after business – the importance of preparing for it. Can you really play golf seven days a week – and what role does family play?

In summary, my role is working with the owner to establish if the business is ‘fit for purpose’ and ready for sale and to determine that the owner has worked through their ideal outcome and has a clear goal. Together we ensure the exit does not take place without proper thought, real research – and a clear plan.

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