Five Warning Signs to Prevent Bosses Failing

Reading Samuel Bacharach’s great blog on 5 Reasons Leaders Fail got me thinking how fine the line is between success and failure as a business owner or leader.

The challenge is keeping on the right side of that line. In my experience as a Business Strategist and Executive Coach accelerating the effectiveness and profitability of business owners, here are five warning signs I’ve picked up to be aware of – and what to do if you spot any of the symptoms.

Warning: Lost in a Fog

  • You have no clear strategy.
  • You accept failure by doing what you’ve always done and keeping hoping for a different result.
  • You brush the big decisions under the carpet. I call this ‘Deck chairs on the Titanic syndrome’, i.e. keeping busy with the small decisions while avoiding the ‘elephant in the room’.

The Solution

  • Draw up a One Page Plan.
  • Identify and prioritise the key challenges.
  • List the ‘Must Do’ Actions.
  • Share with the team, ask them to tell you what challenges they are going to tackle and the actions they are going to take.
  • Write down each team member’s commitments and ask them to sign the page.

Warning: Poor Talent Management

  • You are reluctant to identify the current and rising stars.
  • You avoid people smarter than yourself.
  • You practice: ‘Mushroom Management’ – keeping your people in the dark, never encouraging and praising them and then moaning about them not being engaged.

The Solution

  • Draw up a ‘Skills and Wills’ matrix for everyone in your team and ask each of them to do the same for their teams.
  • Compile an action list for each team member, discuss your ideas with each of them and get their buy in.
  • Get out and spend time looking for fresh talent.

Warning: Speaking to the Wall

  • You have a poor “speaking to listening ratio”.
  • You deliver better answers than better questions – you don’t peel back the onion and get to the heart of an issue.
  • You fail to listen to the music and the words – missing the non-verbal messages.

The Solution

  • You have two eyes, two ears and one mouth, use them in those proportions.
  • Work with a coach or mentor to improve your listening to talking ratio as well and your non-verbal recognition skills.
  • Develop a list of open ended questions to get beyond the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers.

Warning: Not Interpreting the Financials

  • You focus on the wrong figures.
  • Your measure the wrong things.
  • Your management accounts fail to relay the big picture.

The Solution

  • Get help in understanding the figures and what they really mean.
  • Ask your accountants to attend your management meetings to explain the numbers to you and your team and how they should be used to help you make better decisions.
  • Join a peer group learning forum and learn how fellow business owners use their numbers to keep them on the right path.

Warning: Wanting to be Everyone’s Friend

  • You want to be loved and respected by your team.
  • You forget what role you have taken on.
  • You may poor decisions which cost the business money.

The Solution

  • Write down a list of what you want and what you don’t want for and from the business and keep this to hand when faced with difficult decisions.
  • Use a Pros and Cons sheet listing these elements and making and managing the decisions will become clearer.

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