Golden Nuggets to Encourage Customers to Buy

With all the depressing economic, financial and political news not to mention the weather, it’s no wonder customers are holding back.

As a business strategist with a wealth of experience in helping owner managers and fun run businesses to kick start their business, the secret is to sharpen your customer and prospect focus and be more in tune with their thinking.

Here are three ways to breathe fresh life into your sales:

1. Achieve Their Desired Outcome

We often talk about envisioning the desired outcome and working backwards from there. But what about your customer:

  • What is their desired outcome?
  • How has it differed from the last time you spoke and why?
  • What steps do you need to take at each level of the sales process in order to achieve the desired result?

When building a sales strategy for a major account, always try to work back from the green light decision in order to ensure you’ve prepared every step of the way.

2. Provide a Solution

“Don’t tell them how good you make your goods, tell them how good your goods make them look” was drilled into me as a rookie salesperson many years ago and it still applies today. Customers want solutions to their problems not the technical details about your product; people make emotional decisions rather than rational ones. Route ride with your salespeople and check out how often how often you hear them tell their customers and prospects how good your goods make them look? Make a game of it and see “who’s the best”.

3. Seasonal Questions

  • What seasonal questions do your salespeople have for customers?
  • We’ve just passed the half year, what questions are there about year-end goals and targets?
  • The holiday season is almost on us, what questions do your salespeople have about covering the holidays?

This summer’s London Olympics also provides a good source of open ended probing questions for your customers. Keeping your deck of questions fresh and topical can open up new opportunities when you least expect them.

With the good weather it’s easy for salespeople to take their foot off the gas so, get your sales manager to freshen up the sales meetings and training sessions with some exercises on seasonal questions, presenting fresh solutions for customers and how to achieve the desired outcome.

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