How Balanced is Your Life?

When we’re asked “how’s life?” by our colleagues, family and friends we almost always say “I’m fine”.

However, when digging deeper and scrutinising our work life balance under a microscope – exactly how fine are we really?

In my experience as a business strategist and performance coach, I’m aware that our glib and clichéd responses rarely reflect how we truly feel about lives.

While many of my What If Forums members regularly check in personal scores of 8s and 9s, their Wheel of Life – the below diagram comprising 12 segments including health and well being, personal finances, family and work – revealed otherwise and graphically highlighted where their biggest imbalances exist.

Answer the following questions honestly to find out if your life is on an even keel or out of kilter:

Health & Well Being

Personal Growth

  • Do you invest in your own learning and development?
  • Are you a member of a peer group who can act as a sounding board?
  • Are you feeding your mind as well as your body?


  • Do you celebrate your achievements and feel proud of them?
  • Are you setting yourself new goals and challenges to reenergise you?
  • Are you planning micro adventures?

Work & Career


  • How many true friends do you have?
  • Do you take the time to keep close to them and cherish their friendship?
  • Do you make the effort to get out and meet new friends to enrich your life?



Self Esteem

Fun & Recreation

  • Do you give your brain and body a boost with outdoor training?
  • Do you take at least half an hour’s exercise every day?
  • What activities would set your endorphins and well-being soaring?

Home & Family


  • Do you and your partner set aside ‘just you’ time to reconnect?
  • Do you plan how – and where – you’ll both live in your golden years?
  • Do you share hobbies and interests – if not why not?


  • How financially robust is your business?
  • How are you investing for your future retirement?
  • Have you worked out how much is enough when exiting the business?

Having taken action and tested yourself, you know what you should stop doing and what you should do more of to get your Wheel of Life back in balance.

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