How to Think Outside the Box to Boost the Bottom Line

Tired of the ‘same old, same old’ ways of doing things and worried that, as a business owner, you and your top team are stuck in a rut and missing out on massive opportunities?

Scientists scour the complexities, depths and breadths of what constitutes creativity and innovation – in my experience as an experience strategist and performance coach – I can vouch that some simple practices are proving to be winners.

Here are three quick and easy steps that can accelerate your team’s creativity by more than 15-20 per cent.

Shake it all about – mix people up

Break up the normal work teams and create Super Teams where they have a single purpose, clear operating process and participation and contributions are carefully governed.

Introduce Generation X and Millennials to your various teams and listen to their take on things. A recent study shows that Millennials prefer working with contacts on FaceBook than engaging in traditional coaching and mentoring sessions. This is because they are seeking new solutions – not a rehash of old ones.

Periodically bring in external peers to review the business and how it is operating. Often a fresh pair of eyes can see what those in the business have become blind to. Imagine how powerful if would be if you could make your team think the unthinkable?

Get out and about

Join a peer group forum made up of your peers from diverse industries and backgrounds. You’ll discover a wealth of new ideas and fresh inspiration from people who have been there and done that. At the very least they will equip you with some interesting suggestions of how to tackle the problem.

Tours of factories and facilities tours are likewise a wonderful way for you and your people to remove the blinkers from your eyes. Just seeing how other people do things can be the catalyst for a major creative breakthrough or fresh inspiration. Don’t forget to invite customers and suppliers to visit your operations and give them the opportunity to give you and your people feedback on implementing improvements.

Attending non industry specific seminars and conferences is another great way to unearth breakthrough ideas and also allow you to meet potential fresh talent of the business.

Change the work environment

Spring cleaning and re-organising the office can do wonders for performance and creativity. A change is good as a rest and fresh scenery and new faces can stimulate the creative thinking.

Holding meetings off site can do wonders for the way people look and think about things; even popping down to the local coffee shop can perk up discussions.

Break up the set seating patterns in your meeting and board rooms. Take the traditional seat of one of your colleagues and see how the dynamic in the room changes and part way through a long meeting change seats after the break.

What creative tips can you share with us?

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