10 killer questions that cut through the waffle

Using good judgement to make important decisions is what separates world best leaders from the rest.

That’s according to Professor Narayan Pant, Director of INSEAD’S Advanced Management Programme. As a business strategist with decades of expertise in boosting the effectiveness of owner managed and family businesses, I know that the ability to dig deep and ask probing questions enables MDs and CEOs to make more informed decisions.

Working with top international business leaders from Castleford to Capetown and Newcastle to New Jersey I have discovered, that their bank of killer questions cut through the executive waffle and corporate speak to get to the real heart of the issue.

We previously defined leadership in 20 questions that aspiring leaders would do well to consider when discussing routes to the summit and we’ve looked at what great leaders do differently.

Below are powerful questions for you as a leader to ask your teams in order to turbo charge your business to the next level.

  1. Is this the best we can do?
  2. What do we need to do to do it faster, better or at lower cost without compromising on quality?
  3. Where’s your plan and budget for this project?
  4. If you were me what would you need to know?
  5. What is it the customer / prospect actually wants?
  6. What is your recommendation / proposal and why?
  7. Who do we need to talk to with the necessary knowledge, experience and skills we don’t have?
  8. What’s your plan B, how long will it take – and at what cost?
  9. What are the lessons we can learn from this?
  10. Who can tell us what we don’t know?

What killer CEO questions do you have to share with us?

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