Magic Questions to Boost Lead Generation and Conversion Rates

Generating more sales is undoubtedly critical for business growth – and we’ve previously established that your sales people may need more than a process to secure new orders.

Following our last post on how you can raise your team’s bench strength with strategic planning, we’re now focusing on simple steps you can take to improve your conversion rates.

As a business strategist, boosting the bottom lines of owner managed and family run businesses, I know that asking the right questions is key to creating and implementing your strategic performance plan – which in turn will turbo charge your business performance and productivity.

Start by establishing what a “lead” means to you?  Is it someone who fills out a form, signs up for a newsletter or requests a call back?

Clearly defining your starting point will enable you to create and implement your strategic performance plan.

Now to get the ball rolling with some starter questions to enhance your lead generation and conversion:

  • What are your lead generation processes?
  • Are the steps of each process documented?
  • Does everyone follow the steps of the processes?
  • How are you collecting more leads?
  • Of the people who see your adverts and promotions, what percentage respond?
  • Of the people who visit your visit your web site, what percentage contact you?
  • Of the people that contact you, what percentage translate into clients and customers?

Once you have conducted your lead generation and conversion review, establish the critical key improvement issues to power your performance and outcome in the same way that Team Sky did when planning their assault on the Tour De France in 2010. The management of Team Sky Pro Cycling identified that gaining as much time as possible in the time trials – and losing as little time as possible in the mountain sections – were key success factors which culminated in their storming 2012 victory.

Share with us the key improvements which have accelerated your own business journey.  For help in identifying these areas in your company contact me below, e-mail me via, go to @richardwhatif on Twitter, Richard Bosworth on LinkedIn or post on

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