No Turning Back – Executing Your Cultural Change to Improve Financial Controls

I’d be very surprised if you were not experiencing some degree of emotional fallout from the most difficult decisions demanded of you in beefing up your business culture to achieve better financial controls.

Having accepted –  after much introspection and soul searching – the type of boss you need to become, your solitary path includes ditching work friendships, determining how to live the life you’ve always wanted and letting go in order to shape and steer this seismic cultural change.

It will seem a million light years away since you opted to take this particular route on your life journey after establishing the level of disposable income your family expect from you after you’ve shipped out to enjoy your retirement.

You’ve put yourself through a mill a few times already before getting to this stage. You have not only have you signed up to operating in total isolation – and in the knowledge that some, if not all of your team, will dislike you as a person and a boss, but you have also put your senior management team under the microscope to test if they are fit for purpose.

And even before you underwent that exhaustive process, you kick started it all off by planning the future of the business.

In the same way that sportsmen and women never rest on their laurels, it’s now time to buckle down and tackle the next hurdles.

How will you lead your new business model?

Being perceived and disliked as the ‘big bad boss’ is no reason for hiding away and spending as little time in the office as possible. Being visible and accountable is critical – as is ensuring that targets and success drivers are met so the business can deliver the life you want.

  • How will you ensure your team’s strengths give you a competitive advantage?
  • How will you sort out your succession plan?
  • What if your management team seeks a piece of the action?

How will you deal with the solitude?

How will you deal with the fallout?

  • Will being alienated at work impact on your family life?
  • Will it impact on your heath and well being?
  • Will it change you to a degree that you won’t like the person you’ve become?

As we’ve previously stressed, this journey is not for the faint hearted or for those who care too much – if you fit into either or both categories then rethink this carefully. All the evidence continues to point to the fact that it can be very miserable being in your shoes – so you need to be 100 per cent certain that the endgame is worth the pain ahead.

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