Short-Sighted or Visionary? – Is Your Business Equipped for the Digital Age?

As the long-awaited sun energises us, we purchase the latest colourful summer styles and attire and look forward to sharing warm summer evenings with family and friends.

But are you applying the same principle to your own business in terms of keeping up with the latest trends and fashions?

At the recent Thinking Digital Conference at Gateshead, UK, Prof Eddie Obeng, keynote speaker and founder of Pentacle Virtual Business School, graphically compared our high-tech home lives with the latest flat-screen multimedia TVs, tablets and smartphones, to our work lives, where we are often find ourselves with out-of-date software, working on old PCs with a myriad of frustrating rules and restrictions.

The professor’s concern is that the environment we work in shapes our thinking and the questions we ask in turn affect the results we receive.

So if your technology is behind the times, then what level of quality service/product are you really offering?
And if you were setting up your company today, how would you staff and equip it?

Will More Businesses go Virtual in the Future?

Gini Dietrich, based in the US and founder of the international Spin Sucks Pro, a professional development site for PR and marketing professionals, recently posed this question. Her discussions centred on virtual working, working remotely, often from home, rather than having everyone in the office at all times – along with how this way of working does not confine recruitment to geographical boundaries.

This option also opens the opportunity to hire more people for fewer hours as opposed to one person for 40 hours a week who is unlikely to be skilled in all areas – and also more likely to burn out quickly.

The Digital Future is Now

While embracing the digital age with Master Coach, Steve Straus, over Skype, Steve challenged me to consider a different view of the future for the What If? Forums. Instead of the traditional in-person, face-to-face gatherings of family business owners and leaders, he asked if I should be looking at a future that embraces the digital era more completely?

Rising to the challenge, Isla Wilson, of Ruby Star Associates, the UK’s only Ooomph Tank (TM), James A. Belasco, dynamic speaker and best-selling author, Clive Wilson, head of Talent Liberation at Primeast, and the irrepressible Gini Dietrich put their heads together, virtually, and helped me start to build and shape the concept of a digital future for a new forum for family business owners and leaders.

Time to Act

And this is where you come in, especially those of you in the USA and in particular Southern California; I’d like you to join my development/beta test group. To learn more about what’s in it for you and what I have in mind, just e-mail me via – we can set up a Skype call and explore the idea in more detail. I’ll also be sharing more information on this in my next blog.

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