Taking the Whole of August Off? – If Not Why Not?

In the iconic words of rock legend Alice Cooper ‘Schools Out For Summer’ – but as the boss of the business are you chained to the ‘slave cave’ while your family chill in the glorious sunshine?

In the knowledge that practicising what you preach starts with you as a leader, we can all take a leaf out of the Glassdoor review survey of the top 25 US companies for work-life balance.

As an experienced business strategist and performance coach I always encourage the CEOs and MDs of family run businesses I work with to take time out while they are fit and healthy to enjoy it to the full. Remember your kids won’t be around forever and they’ll get to the stage where it’s definitely not cool to go on vacation with mom, dad and grandparents.

If ‘the tail is wagging the dog’ and you sometimes feel ‘out of control’ I challenge you to test how robust your business is and take the month – or at least part of it – off. Those precious and magical moments with your family will keep you all energised through the long winter nights.

Before you pack your suitcase, stop and ponder these critical questions to get things back in perspective:

1. Remind yourself why you’re in business and ignite the passion that drew you like a magnet to it?

2. Start enjoying the things that made you rush into work every day

3. Re-examine how many hours you work – if it’s over 50, it’s too many

4. Check out how to add most value and work a 30 hour week

5. Act like a leader – look around at what you’ve created and lead your team

6. Stop doing it all yourself. – delegate more and get your people to bring you solutions

7. See the business in a different light – it is an investment to grow your wealth

8. Re-establish your game plan – when did you say you’d exit and enjoy life to the full?

9. Ensure the right people are on your bus. One of the biggest mistakes owner managers make is hanging on to the wrong ones

10. Remind yourself frequently of your achievements – and take pride in them

The true definition of success is being happy in your work and life, possessing a clear sense of self and direction – and taking regular breaks to feed your mind and body

Happy vacation! To find out how I can help you ensure your business delivers the life you want, e-mail richard.bosworth@whatifspecialist.com, follow @richardwhatif on Twitter or connect with me, Richard Bosworth, on LinkedIn.

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