Virtual Peer Forums for Business Leaders: Do You See the Picture?

Keeping the spotlight on the increasing number of businesses that will go digital in the future, I’m looking to develop a digitalised on-line form of my existing What If? peer group forums through cost effectively engaging my Southern California blog readership and other channels.

To make my digital dream a reality I’m seeking your help and feedback

As an experienced business strategist and performance coach my goal is to develop an international peer-group of like-minded owner managers and family business owners from a wide geographical area who can interact virtually via on-line relationship-building tools such as Skype and on-line video.

I would equip the group with confidential on-line video and face-to-face forum meetings and mentoring sessions where they can interact with their peers to discuss – and act on – the issues which are holding them back.
Geared towards boosting their companies’ effectiveness and profitability, the MDs and leaders will learn from each other how to make better business, lifestyle and family decisions – while gaining the confidence and support to make changes which are critical to future success.

Can you help with the questions below:

  1. Does this concept have value in the marketplace?
  2. How can I make the offering more attractive?
  3. Is this something you, or someone you know, might be interested in?
  4. What are the positive outcomes of going digital?
  5. What negative aspects do I need to consider?
  6. How can I counteract any negative aspects?
  7. What additional feedback do you have?

For each respondent who gives me constructive feedback, I will host a free taster of the concept with a 1-hour Skype coaching session on a topic or issue of your choice.

Many thanks for your invaluable support. Please e-mail me your answers, thoughts and comments to and please use “Digital What If?” as the subject header.

I’d also appreciate it if you could share this post with your business contacts to give them the opportunity to offer feedback too.

If this is something you may be interested in, please see below for further information:

  • The largest readership of my blog is in Southern California – although there is a low level of engagement.
  • While the What If? Forums has no published marketplace differentiation, the existing membership is drawn from a family business background through which over the past thirteen years I have gained considerable knowledge and experience. Several of the companies I have worked with are family businesses into the sixth and seventh generation, while others are still to make the first to second generation transition.
  • Research shows the Family Business forum market has a wealth of potential. There exists a highly competitive market of professional advisors and universities offering consultancy, products and or advice. However, there is no exclusive, confidential peer group forum where Family Business members can interact with and learn from each other and external resources.
  • Over the past decade I have collectively increased the net worth of 25 SME business owners and their families by over $165m.
  • Having been encouraged to make use of Skype for 1-2-1 coaching sessions with What If? members I can see the long-distance and flexibility advantage of using this medium.

What I’ve Done So Far

  • Tested the Skype concept and alternatives and am satisfied the technology is viable for 1-2-1 coaching and mentoring session.
  • Created an outline business model: two-day face-to-face boot camps and retreats ending a six series of on-line forums with, etc., and 1-2-1 coaching sessions with the option of weekly half-hour sessions, fortnightly one-hour session or two-hour monthly sessions.
  • Plans are being made to convert my Strategic Mastery Programme from paper-based to on-line and to expand it to include more family business issues/questionnaires and homework topics – members enjoy having material to involve their management teams.
  • Researching options to provide each Digital Forum member with the best available tool to participate in the project and also enable them to access and share the Strategic Mastery material on line.

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