What Five things Can’t You Live Without?

As business owners we’re often accused of over complicating things – sometimes with good reason.

Those of who are regular readers to my blog know that, as a performance coach and business mentor I advocate solutions which are simple but effective such as how to achieve your business objectives in less than 30 hours a week and having everything you need on a single page to enable owner managers to enjoy a better work/life balance.

Below are five things I can’t live without in order to achieve the above hat-trick of goals:

1. My Mobile Devices

  • E-mails, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter keep me connected
  • Google mail and iPad notes boost my productivity – goodbye to tons of scribed sheets of paper
  • My mobile devices give me fun playing bridge, catching up on TV, doing crosswords

2. My Wheels

  • My Range Rover (poor man’s Rolls) is safe and secure
  • It travels in style and gives me the freedom of the road
  • It tows the caravan beautifully

3. My Fountain Pen

  • The pen, nib and ink allow me to be Individual,
  • It makes communication special – thank you cards, birthday greetings, bereavements.
  • Its part of the creative process, bringing ideas to life as they flow onto the page

4. My Koga World Traveller bike

  • Provides freedom, adventure – and the best workout
  • It’s a vehicle to meet the most interesting people
  • Gives me car free shopping – I can get a week’s shopping in the panniers

5. Rooi Boss / Redbush Tea

  • Natural, caffeine free, no more frayed nerves and disturbed sleep
  • Healthy reminder to others who enjoy a tea or coffee with me
  • Refreshing and energising, you know it’s doing you good

What are the things you cannot live without? Share them with us below or send a tweet to @richardwhatif on Twitter.

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