What I Do

I fascinate tailor-made mentoring and coaching for owner-managers and entrepreneurs like you, to take your business and you way beyond what you thought possible. Working with live video and face to face meetings from my base in Harrogate, Yorkshire, in the UK, we meet whenever suits you, from behind your desk, on the move or in your den

As your personal mentor and coach my role is to question you answers, challenge your thinking and through thought provoking conversation help you develop better answers, more critical thinking and discover solution you’ve never considered before.  All designed to increase your success and prosperity. I am here to help.

My Philosophy

I believe in challenging current thinking, and encouraging business owners like you, to see things through fresh eyes, in a new light and to act differently

The way I challenge your current thinking is engaging in thought provoking conversations that challenge your assumptions, question your answers, bounce ideas off you and get some interesting ones back

I do this in one-to-one and group sessions both face to face and in live video meeting I am here to help.