What If…your managers stopped losing the business money?

The recent news that bad management costs the UK £19bn a year comes as no surprise.

The findings of a study by the Chartered Management Institute reveal that three quarters of UK workers waste one and a half hours a week due to unclear communication from their bosses, a lack of support and “micro-management”.

As a master strategist who enables business leaders and heads of family owned firms to get the most out of their companies through challenging their thinking, I unearthed some interesting information regarding the issue of management at a recent What If Forums meeting which I wanted to share with you.

I asked members to review each other’s organizational structures to see whether they reflected reality and how the decision making process operated.

We found that the structures of over 50 per cent of these successful and growing businesses didn’t reflect what was going on – and often slowed down decision making and implementation.

What some managers did often bore little resemblance to their titles and positions -.while others were bypassed and sidelined when information or decisions were required.

Poor succession planning and application of newly acquired skills were the main reason for many managers being ineffective. All too often someone who was good at their job was promoted to a management or supervisor position with very little, if any, idea of the roles objectives and deliverables.

Failing to Deliver

Having performed well on training courses, many newly appointed managers and supervisors failed to deliver once back in the workplace. This was mainly due having no support and guidance to help them develop their new skills and ‘know how’.

A lack of clear understanding of the performance criteria and measurement, along with how managers could influence outcomes, was repeatedly cited and backed by members own case studies.

The biggest change my members made for the better was to stop attending internal meetings – because it helped their managers to boost their effectiveness. Their absence, however, had to be replaced with regular one-to-one meetings and coaching sessions.

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