Who I Am

Who is the What If Specialist

Hi, Richard Bosworth here – Your online business strategist and executive coach working with business owners and leaders to build businesses worth owning and enjoy lives worth living. I’m also the founder of the What If Forums – the UK’s premier development forums for business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs.

I know what makes leaders tick, because I have been building and developing companies for almost 40 years.

What do I do?

If you are a business owner, leader or entrepreneur seeking to take your business to the next level, I’m here to pose those tough questions no one else will ask and to keep you focused on the right priorities. I also challenge your decision making and make your choices simpler.

Thirteen facts about me

  1. Over the last decade I have played a key role in adding add £110m of wealth to the bottom lines of a select group of business owners
  2. In 2007 I cycled 3500km in seven weeks down the west coast of North America from Vancouver, Canada to Tijuana, Mexico and came within 30 feet of a formidable grizzly bear!
  3. I was a drummer in a band that supported the Beatles at Coventry when I was 13 in 1963.
  4. As the drummer in a band I made deals with venues so that my band received a cut of the bar takings. This financial incentive ensured that the rest of the band members stayed out of the pubs during the day and turned up to play at night.
  5. I was offered senior roles at Kenco, Cadbury and Rank Hovis McDougall, but my first business venture was selling chicken manure! I collected free chicken litter from a local farm and sold it door-to-door for £1 a bag.
  6. When I met my wife, Constance, it was love at first sight. We moved to Scotland, where I was a technical advisor for Rank Hovis McDougall, before moving to Suffolk.
  7. I joined Eastern Counties Farmers as a troubleshooter and turned that loss-making company into a profitable enterprise within nine months.
  8. In 1975 we moved to South Africa where I founded the country’s first business development consultancy. I also presented the first entrepreneurship course for engineers at Natal University, where I was voted the top lecturer for three years in a row.
  9. In 1992, when Nelson Mandela’s impending release was announced, I advised South African companies on change management.
  10. I continued as an independent business and executive coach when I returned with my family to the UK in 1998.
  11. Until 2010 I was a Yorkshire Chairman for a major international chief executives membership organisation. I was instrumental in adding more than £110m of wealth to the members and their businesses.
  12. I am the co-founder and co-owner of the Wealth Enhancement Forum: the UK’s first learning and development membership organisation for high net worth individuals.
  13. I recently launched the What If Forums: the UK’s premier peer group business and personal development membership forums for business owners, leaders and entreprenuers.

As the What If? Specialist I bring all my skills, passions, achievements and experiences to the fore. My mission is to help business owner and leaders build businesses worth owning and enjoy lives worth living.

Contact me

If you would like to find out more, please read What I Do or get in touch. You can connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter. It would be great to hear from you: you can contact me by telephone or e-mail richard.bosworth@whatifspecialist.com or go to @richardwhatif on Twitter and Richard Bosworth on LinkedIn.

To find out more about the services I offer, please get in touch at any time.


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