Why a Spring Makeover Will See New Opportunities Blossom

Do you wonder why businesses frequently change their logos, decor and uniforms – and why supermarkets constantly alter the positioning of their products?

What was wrong with how these companies used to look you may ask – after all everyone knew who they were and what they did – so why the need to change?

As a business strategist and performance coach who, over the last ten years, has played a key role in adding £110m of wealth to a select group of business owners, there is a is a reason to all this seemingly pointless alterations and adjustments.

They do it to create excitement, energise their businesses and retail stores – kick starting the interest of their customers and clients.

Retailers change their windows at least every two weeks (or they should), to ensure that people keep looking in their direction. These new looks can create news – and sometimes controversy – which in turn, sparks energy and healthy conversation between customers and staff.

How things look on the outside impacts on what happens on the inside and vice versa – hence the ‘fake it till you make it’ saying.

So is it time for you to accelerate the buzz and energy in your business with a spring makeover that blows off the internal and external dust and cobwebs?

In my decades of experience, spring is the ideal time to re-invent our personal and business lives. You don’t have to make seismic changes – small shifts and re-adjustments can likewise pay dividends.

There’s no time like the present. The economy is starting to turn around which means that a wealth of opportunities is out there just waiting to be picked up.

However, you’ll only spot them if you are looking out for them – and you’ll only be looking out for them if you have the belief and the energy that there are new and exciting ventures just waiting to be uncovered.

Starting on the ‘outside’ on the personal front could involve a new hair cut or colour, a new suit, handbag or briefcase, giving the house a lick of paint or livening up a space with plants and colours.  You could alternatively start on the inside by embarking on a healthy eating programme by following some energy boosting tips, starting a new hobby or getting together with positively minded friends.

Applying the same makeover to your business on the external front could see you reenergise your work environment with new colours, posters, blinds and plants. Internally it can entail being a positive leader and putting the buzz back in your people.

When you have built up your energy and kick started your company, just watch those opportunities coming knocking on your door.

For help in getting this particular ball rolling and enjoying enhanced performance and effectiveness contact me on richard.bosworth@whatifspecialist.com or go to @richardwhatif on Twitter, Richard Bosworth on LinkedIn or www.whatifforums.com.

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