Why Dancing Steps up Productivity and Well Being

Guest Post by Professional Dancer Katie Geddes

As business owners we constantly strive to achieve a perfect work / life balance – setting out with the best intentions, but stumbling by the wayside due to the demands of keeping our companies moving forward.

It’s a well-known and well proven fact that exercise has numerous positive benefits for the body, and dance is no exception to that rule. Here are some tips on how getting motivated and back in the studio will put a spring in our step:

Get Physical and Alleviate the Aches

I recently came across a beautiful quote by the legendary Martha Graham: ‘The spine is the tree of life. Respect it.’

Many occupations in today’s frenetic world lend themselves to substantial lengths of time at a computer screen in an office. I empathise with that ache in your shoulders and back after a day hunched over the keyboard.

As well as increasing strength, stamina, flexibility, and toning for a vast amount of the body’s muscles, Dance is also a fantastic way to keep our backs strong, and healthy. It can help you learn how to hold yourself correctly, to lift up in your body and use your core muscles. This in turn will assist you to sit with better posture when you are back in the office, and alleviate those aching muscles.

Boost your Well-Being

We all experience those days where everything rapidly deteriorates from bad to worse at the most inconvenient time and place. Those days are unavoidable, but what is avoidable is taking all that tension and stress back home with you.

Dance is proven to positively enhance your emotional well-being. Whilst developing your cognitive skills, it helps to boost your confidence, self-esteem, and reduce stress. Most dancing involves listening to music, and with studies highlighting how this is another great way to stay in good health you’re ticking yet another box.

For someone as passionate about my profession as I am – and who has witnessed at first hand the wealth of benefits it brings – there are ultimately no words to describe that feeling of having danced your heart out, of leaving all those worries outside the door, and of losing yourself in the music and expression of movement.

For me, this is where dance surpasses all other physical activities and comes into its own.

We all have a dancer inside of us, who can help make our lives more positive and healthy, but it’s a case of discovering yours and not being afraid to run with it!

Imagine how much more you could achieve in your business with higher energy levels, reduced stress – and a hobby which is far removed from your day to day challenges?

So why not take the plunge – because, after all, there’s no time like the present.

Katie Geddes is a professional dancer, teacher and Director at The Dance Studio Leeds, which offers weekly dance classes and workshops for adults. Also delivering team building workshops, wedding dance tuition, hen and stag dance parties, studio hire, and dancers for corporate events and weddings.

You can contact Katie via e-mail, Facebook or Twitter, or via phone on 0113 242 1550.

As a business strategist with decades of expertise in helping owner managers and family businesses to achieve a work/life balance, contact me on richard.bosworth@whatifspecialist.com or go to @richardwhatif on Twitter, Richard Bosworth on LinkedIn or www.whatifforums.com.

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