Why Growth is about Projects – not Processes

Knowing the difference between processes and projects is crucial to growing your business and boosting your effectiveness and profitability.

Processes are what you and your people do every day to deliver what the customer wants and expects. Projects are those activities that are not part of the normal work routine and which add the growth in turnover and profits for the company.

There’s a major difference between the two and, in my experience, working with owner managers and family run businesses from York to Yarmouth and Huddersfield to Hatfield there are key elements which lead to failure. They are: a lack of a clear definition of the scope and outcome of a project, the absence of a proper project plan – and / or poor project management compounding the problem.

Having the right mix in your business plan determines how successful you will be at hitting your targets for the year. The questions below will help you to kick start the process.

  1. What projects are you and your team embarking on in the second half of the year – and are they distinctly different from your day-to-day processes?
  2. Do your people have the time and capacity to take on the extra work in delivering the full potential of your planned projects?
  3. Do they have the necessary knowledge, skills and aptitude to successfully deliver a project on time and below budget?

If the answer’s NO then get someone in, like Chris Croft, to give your management team a focused refresher session and get things back on track.  His twelve point, one day refresher workshop is packed full of hands on tips and ideas that will get your people fired up and ready with a plan for success.

If you’re seeking strategic help in powering your business forward and focusing on your profit drivers and maximised their impact  then contact me on richard.bosworth@whatifspecialist.com or go to @richardwhatif on Twitter, Richard Bosworth on LinkedIn or post on www.whatifforums.com.

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