Would You Want Your Management Team Running A&E?

How happy would you be if you were wheeled into A&E to discover your management team in charge of the department? Chances are you’d be feeling nervous, if not downright alarmed. So what are you going to do about that?

During nearly three decades working as a business strategist and executive coach – and chairing peer group forums – I have discovered many business owners and leaders shudder at the thought of their management team taking care of them in an emergency. This is primarily because they have misgivings about individuals’ capabilities but have shied away from doing anything about the issue.

Here are four key steps to take to help remedy the problem:-

1. Define the deliverables ask your managers what they think it is their responsibility to deliver within the business? All too often you’ll find they are frequently distracted by tasks which contribute nothing to delivering the results required from their specific role.

2. Collect the key numbers data that tells you whether or not they are doing what is necessary to deliver the required outcomes of their role. Again, you’ll often find they focus on the things they like to do, avoiding those they don’t. The result is time wasted on tasks that have nothing to do with the delivery of your desired outcomes

3. Identify the variations from the norm and drill down to find out why – remember you may have to ask ‘why?’ up to six times to get to the real reason. Formula 1 and Olympic team managers do this all the time to find that extra margin of performance advantage

4. Build and implement an individual coaching and development plan for each team member. As the leader of the business this is one of the six things that only you can do, so take time out to learn to do it well. Hire your own coach or join a high performance peer group forum to develop and hone your skills in this crucial area.

What’s holding you back from implementing this four stage process? Share your fears and concerns with us and convert that nightmare A&E vision into unshakeable confidence in your team’s capabilities.

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